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We engage in a daily battle: our constant struggles against the overwhelming desire to succumb to the beautiful weakness of apathy. To fully submit, without regret, without concern, without responsibility to self or other, we feel ourselves teetering towards a total abandonment of passion & vigor to the whims of careless & hallow pleasure--- Kundera's “lightness of being” which favors the whimsical & inane ease of immediate satisfaction & minimal exertion over the very real struggle to maintain true passion in the elevated plane of the social, metaphysical, aesthetic---that vivacity of life that---though seemingly oppressive in it’s intensity & risks---is the only possible means by which we are elevated to the domain of self-reaffirmation & lasting satisfaction. I’m sure we’ve all heard the motos: “Everything good comes from hard work,” or something similarly useless, typically exploited in the most general “get-back-to-work” fashion of the modern-day workshop overseer. But is it not now labor & exertion that are frowned upon? Think of the very ease by which we access our information, in the way we travel long distances with the efficient expedition, how even our separate sphere of “culture” has been laid out with such seemingly logical & simple access that our efforts to clime the mountain of sacrifice & struggle are laughed away a priori, disqualified before we even begin for baring the anachronistic superfluities of dead technology, with all it’s wasted energies & unnecessary intricacies. Of course, our aversion to the struggle for sublimity is well justified: for with the very first few steps we take into the darkness of uncertainty & the infinite calculations of multiplied risk, we are playing with the very real beast of failure. To put it differently & in context: either we exploit our friendships to our own personal ends, having avoided any sincere investment in our relations so as to cut out the possibility of pain or disappointment, or we surrender ourselves, not to the impermanence of trivial friendship, but to the far more terrifying prospect of vulnerability. It is here that we must fortify ourselves, prepare for the inevitable failure that our lives will become---the destruction of the most beautiful trust in others. Nay, we must look at these predestined blows as the manifestations of a higher fortuity, the ruggedness of existence which slowly teaches us the value of our failure as positive life, as affirmed being in it’s highest order. Let us pick ourselves off the floor of “Obscured,” refuse the seductive calling of self-pity & despair, and push forward with renewed vivacity as we happily stumble through a long line of failures & uncertainty. Let us take the heed of Hubert Selby Jr., when, lying in his hospital bed inches away from death & ridden with the misery of insignificance & mediocrity, affirmed once and forever: “My greatest fear is to die having done nothing of importance.” Only we shall modify it to say: “Our greatest fear is to die having not tried…”
Compiled by Francis Englehardt & Paul Nickerson for slow to speak.

Side A. 
1.   Obscured
Side B.   
1.   Soothe
2.   Mayonaise (Acoustic)
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VIRGIN V.46812
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2008 12"
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