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Sincerity should always be considered a chief virtue in the creation of music, regardless of what purpose or practical application one intends. What could be called a standard code by which one ought to go about mapping out songs should first and foremost dictate that no piece is created for the wrong reason. This is not necessarily a edict on the base-required sophistication of a record, and let this be clarified: of the infinitely diverse moments of experience the subject has and will encounter in their short life, every increment need representation, explication, aural verbalization. Different artists maintain a sort of specialized place of expertise whereby their endowed brilliance elucidates that specific moment of common plight, joy, sorrow, anger and is able to symbolize, represent if you will, the universality within this moment for the communal identification of those lucky enough to listen. This latest of reissues in the Slow To Speak catalog, featuring three of Joe Jackson’s shining moments of unbarred honesty and communicative genius---“Steppin’ Out” (live version), “Trying to Cry” and “Blue Flame”---embody some of our more mournful dispositions as social creatures, trying to establish even the smallest bit of common ground between each other and trying desperately to retain this connection, as we all starve and yet quietly recoil from this needed touch. Jackson refuses the weight of misguided sadness by proclaiming that only in the positive assertion of intimacy and fraternity do we have to the potential to sublimate this difficult opposition within our natural inclinations and rest in peace, fully aware of our inherent shortcomings and depressive potentials. Ultimately what he knows we will all know soon, that only in embracing our social nature can we master and ultimately derive joy in the sometimes terrifying but ultimately beautiful domain of the intimate. 

Side A.  
1. Steppin' Out (Live)
Side B.    
1. Trying To Cry
2. Blue Flame

Artist Title  
Label Cat.#  
A&M SP-18201  
Year Format  
2008 12"  
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