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Analog is in. If ever there was a consensus across lines in dance music it is this new religion of the raw. Every week a new storm of analog based productions is unleashed, records giving loyal salute to the forefathers of house and techno, whether it be the jacking sound of early Chicago, the alien visions of Detroit’s finest moments, the captivating trance of Basic Channel or the innovative deep house explorations of NY and well beyond. This much is certain: our gaze is focused backwards. But does this fascination have the integrity to turn forward again with the revisiting of these anachronistic methods, to employ the time-tested warmth & inherent funk of old-school studio gear and update it’s use to realize the potentials of latter day electronic music?
With W.T. Record’s latest release from totally unknown newcomer Entro Senestre, we find a definite answer in the affirmative. “La Caccia,” the title track from this innovative new E.P., redefines & repositions the relentless repetitive insistence of early house & techno, imparting it with a definitely haunting, post-apocalyptic vision of four-to-the-flour experimental reiteration. Favoring the simplicity of direct expression over intricate over-production, “La Caccia” demolishes its way through 3 decades of dance music & continues trudging forward undeterred, creating a new classic of ancient means without relying on the base “minimalism” of early dance music, refusing to sell itself short with the dogma of “rawness” that has encouraged much inane gimmickry. With the impeccable application of Senestre’s muddy, moody chords, simple-yet-devastatingly-effective percussion, and sheer momentum-building, “La Caccia” (re)convinces us that there are still ancient secrets of yore,  beautiful mysteries hidden amongst the dying rubble of the past that can be re-animated, revived & retuned to deliver a stunning blow of exceptional creativity & direct visceral appeal that sets this breathtaking work above the rest.

Side A.  
1. La Caccia
2. The Last B-Boy
Side B.    
1. Glazed
2. Gamma

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2009 12"  
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