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The ultimate display of camp-kitsch in Punk Rock, Devo rose from obscure beginnings in the downtrodden industrial city of Dayton, Ohio, dead-set on proselytizing their odd brand of costumed exhibitionism to the masses eager for the latest gimmick in popular music. Their frenzied pop/punk sound allowed them previously unimagined popular appeal, fooling their audiences into laughter & underestimation, all the while planning on turning the world topsy-turvy in reflecting the cold, alienated robotics of the everyday man in his very much unnatural modern industrial setting. “Are we not men? We are Devo!” they proclaimed, underlining the essential alienation of modern popular culture, where consumerism & commodity society have supplanted natural man with the odd, self-denying & completely subsumed individual unaware of his own nature or beginnings. Indeed, if we were to spring forth from some birthplace, would it not be the cold, futuristic machinery & robotic mechanisms of post-industrial society, our only real mother of whom we understand very little? And indeed, when faced with the utterly-uninspiring everyday in-and-outs of professional life, of the pointless to & fro of wage-labor, it’s dehumanizing rigor, are we not left feeling the sensation that all these strange creatures around us are, well, alien? Devo were clever enough to recognize in this absurd everyday drudgery the perfect target for the ultimate parody. Their so-called “gimmicks” were, in fact, carefully planed & theoretically based exercises in mirror-reflection, performing & literally wearing that very alienation that their audiences were trying so hard to ignore, to forget & to erase from their confused perception, forcing their very status as proletarians squarely in their face, screaming: “Are you men?” and demanding an answer in the affirmative---one that their audiences could never quite muster.
Side A. 
1.   Mongloids
Side B.   
1.   S.I.B.
2.   Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
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2008 12"
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