14.535809 "STARS" (SLOW TO SPEAK)

14.535809 "STARS" (SLOW TO SPEAK)
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Ethereal, haunted deep house music from beyond the grave, spirit-channeling from the deepest recesses of electro-spiritual obscurity. The Slow To Speak label presents its latest offering---a residual of the holy-era of the NY underground continuum, conjuring the ritual and pomp of the new electronic goth without abandoning its undeniable roots in the techno/deep house story. Dark-matter melodies interlock in an ever off-centering orbit of sparse percussive return, while the distorted exhortations of some wandering intergalactic phantasm whisper menacingly just beneath the surface. Trance-inducing, strangely unsettling and ultimately transcendent---further evidence that electronic music can transport its listeners into the fertile pastures of the sublime like any other high art. CLEAR VINYL Pressing with Japanese Obi.


Side A.  
1. Stars
Side B.    
1. Stars (Slow To Speak)

Artist Title  
14.535809 STARS  
Label Cat.#  
Year Format  
2013 12"  
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