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One of the premier deep house labels of the 1990’s, Large Music epitomized the “2nd wave” of U.S. house music, releasing dozens of records from established deep house artists as well as breaking a plethora of new talent with a constant output that kept the institution at the fore of the dance music community’s collective mind. With the gradual refocusing away from the classic NY soulful sound, marked by a broadly musical palate & a patently vocal disposition, labels such as Large have faded from the electronic world’s memory—despite their being major players in the niche universe of underground house music. Of course, Large did not release soulful house exclusively; Kerri Chandler’s popular Digital Soul series speaks to the label’s acute interest in the more starkly electronic dispositions handed down from the earliest experimentations of classic-era Chicago. But certainly many of the label’s strongest releases fell in with the “Body & SOUL” sound more than any other---a style of house that, at least in the mind of the dance music “critic,” has sunk into distant obscurity.

'slow to speak’s' Paul Nickerson & Francis Englehardt spent much of their musical upbringing collecting, dj’ing & partying to the seminal dance releases of the “lost decade”—after the extravagantly fetishized 1970’s/80’s dance culture and before the conveniently categorized world of present day electronic production. The 1990’s are 'slow to speak’s' alma matter, a time when these now historic landmarks were the fresh fuel for so many exceptional journeys into the heart of the creative & liberatory spirit of dance music. Resolved to break down the barriers of historical distortion and analyze this music objectively, Nickerson and Englehardt have diligently picked through the varied and frequently inconsistent Large Music catalog and selected the most seminal, timeless and relevant classics of this lost era to assemble this definitive Large Mix: as much a historical artifact as a seamlessly sculpted and aggressively executed deep house mastermix. Featuring releases from deep house legends Kerri Chandler, Dana Kelley and Ron Trent, as well as a few gems that fit in snuggly with the broader feel of this exceptional time in house music, Large Mix sets in stone what is now only weakly speculated on: the universal appeal of soulful deep house at its very best. Presently it is more convenient to profess an admiration for the “original” soulful house sound—but much less to actually champion a fully-developed house music that can explore its full musical potential while retaining a raw, unmediated, cathartic sincerity. Casting aside dogmatic praise or criticism for this often-times overrated label and selecting only the strongest releases, 'slow to speak' take the catalog out of relegated obscurity and testing it against today’s standards of quality house & techno music, 'slow to speak' does us all a favor by refusing to forget the past that shaped our present—using it as their building blocks to reflect & reuse, revalue and reinterpret one of the most influential labels of the 1990’s.

1. Ancestry - You're The One (Ambient Gallery Mix)
2. Kerri Chandler - Digital Love Affair
3. DJ Rasoul feat. Shanan - Let Me Love You (San Francisco Vocal Vibe)
4. Solar House - Universal
5. Kerri Chandler - Ladbroke Groove
6. Deep Theory - Do It (Lava Bar Vocal)
7. Jovonn - Keep On Dancin'
8. DJ Deep - Burundi Twilight
9. Blak Beat Niks - I'll Be There (KC Raw Dark Vibe)
10.Pete Moss - Time Travel (Original)
11.Kerri Chandler - Time Is Destiny
12.Kerri Chandler - I Found You (Flashback)
13.Soha - Gardens
14.Kerri Chandler - What About Us?
15.Kerri Chandler - Sunday Sunlight
16.Azymuth - Jazz Carnival (Global Communication's Space Jazz Mix)
17.Sean Grant - Fade to Black (Untitled Mix)
18.Belizbeha - Clear Horizons (Remix)
19.Julien Jabre - Deliverance
20.Roy Davis Jr. feat. Peven Everett - Gabriel (Live Garage)
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2010 CD
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