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Continuing to document the glorious past of house music with their popular “Core” mixtape/mix-Cd series, slow to speak’s Paul Nickerson & Francis Englehardt are deeply familiar with remaining in the present when it comes to collecting & DJ’ing dance music. As teenagers throughout the promised years of the early-to-mid 1990’s, the two spent most of their time scouring the then vast universe of Boston vinyl establishments in search of the eternal victory of any self-respecting DJ: the discovery of that special record that, unbeknownst to the rest of the world, would become the secret weapon of an entire arsenal of DJ sets, radio shows, mixtapes in the near future to come. This was the ultimate sign of supremacy: not just knowing, but successfully acquiring and subsequently hoarding those gems of special obscurity that had slipped through the hands and attention spans of the competitors in the tightly nit DJ communities scattered across the Northern Hemisphere.

Many of the phenomenal tracks on this impressive “Core – 1996” original outing are rooted in the outer limits of dance music obscurity, where few DJ’s dared to venture, the fertile ground of so many crucial and vital discoveries. Records such as CJ Mackintosh’s masterful dub of United Black Men, Nathaniel X Project “Get Up,” Deepsoul’s “The Rhythms”—these were the most exciting elements of these formative years in mixtape experimentation and execution.  Of course, the hits were just as vital—many would say more—as these rare and unnoticed masterpieces, standards comprising the roots of any credible and successful DJ set or mix. This was still a time when droves of youths, mostly from the urban epicenters of America, Europe, South Africa and beyond flocked to their club of choosing to hear the records that had, more or less, gained the status of “anthem” —jams that had to find their way into the line-up lest the night descend into a rather boring exercise in obscure track one-upping. A simple gander of the diverse track-listing of this latest “Core” installment will direct the eyes to indisputable anthems such as River Oceans timeless “Love & Hapiness (Yemaya y Ochún), Joe T. Vannelli’s “Play With The Voice” or Shawn Christopher’s U.K. hit “Make My Love” —necessary requirements of any self-respecting deep house mixtape during that special time.  Still, part of that very real, almost physically tangible excitement of that time were the sweet treasures of the victorious hunt, precious stones to adorn the crown of deep house supremacy by those steadfast warriors of the grand pursuit. “Core – 1996” captures this impassioned mixture of established underground hits & tracks whose secret have been guarded to this very day. The excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the latter contributed to a lot of the raw energy that fueled the fledging underground dance scenes of the 1990’s, the same excitement that continues to push our gaze backwards from time to time to marvel & draw strength from those formative years.



1. Joi Cardwell – Trouble
2. Daphne – When You Love Someone (Groove Instrumental)
3. Deep Soul – The Rhythmz (The Native Mix)  
4. Kerri Chandler – Track 1
5. Joe T. Vanelli feat. Csilla – Play With The Voice
6. Chocolate City – Love Songs
7. B.M.U. - U Will Know (CJ Mackintosh Dub)
8. 95 North - The Journey (Mute Mix)
9. Turn-Style – Reachin’ Higher (The Re-Mix)
10. Kenlou – The Bounce
11. The O’Jays – I Luv Musik (Vicious Disco-Mix)
12. River Ocean feat. India - Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochún)
13. Workin’ Happily – Better Things
14. Shawn Christopher – Make My Love (Kerri Chandler Mix)
15. The Nathaniel X Project – Get Up
16. Watergate – Lonely Winter
17. Johnick - Tales of Jerry Morbid
18. OHM - Tribal Tone
19. Todd Terry - Searchin'
20. The African Dream - Makin' A Living

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