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A small but enlightening glimpse into the live programming wizardry of slow to speak’s Paul Nickerson & Francis Englehardt, captured mid-party, the night of 03.21.09—and eternalized here for mass appreciation and utilization. Building the proverbial bridge over a chasm of immense ideological divide, Nickerson & Englehardt incorporate the sonic assaults of demented sci-fi techno, indiscreet vocal house music and drug-induced rave classics to amass a conceptually seamless procession of early-hour dance music magic. Less a cohesive mix-tape, more a totally unplanned pronouncement of slow to speak’s musical convictions, “Afterlife” affirms the creative versatility of the first hours of a party’s lifeline. Indeed, it is these crucial moments of inception that make or break the best of DJ’s, a fragile timeframe that must lay the groundwork for the proceeding ascensions to take place. It’s always easier for a DJ to fly at the peak of a party, much less so to build with painstaking exactitude the foundation for ultimate cathartic release. It is these minutes of delicate but potentially limitless creative expanse that have been captured on this brilliant mix, demonstrating the militant eclecticism of slow to speak’s undertaking and providing a rare peak into the effective amassment of momentum that makes up the most engaging beginnings of any dope party. A seemless weaving of warm, soulful repetitions and funky electronic otherworldliness, “Afterlife” is an isolated but deserving temporal specimen of slow to speak’s endless nights of tireless DJ’ing over two decades, a moment in time that should help open the door to even more limitless universes of dance music self-education, appreciation and ultimate ascension.
1.   Aural Imbalance - Genetica
2.   Presence - Better Day
3.   Round Two - New Day  
4.   Deepchord - Untitled
5.   Jeff Mills - Alpha Centuri  
6.   A Guy Called Gerald - Emotion Electric
7.   Theo Parrish - Galactic Ancestors
8.   Tony Allen - Ole (A Remix by Moritz Von Oswald)
9.   The Orb - Blue Room (Remix)  
10.  E-Culture - Tribal Confusion (Inhalation Mix)
11.  Morphosis - Mot
12.  Mood II Swing - Sunlight In My Eyes
13.  Colourblind - Nothing Better (TMVS Club Mix)  
14.  Laid feat. Emma - Love Affair
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2010 CD
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