About Us

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Preserved Instincts opened its doors in 2006 after two years of tireless planning and construction---coinciding with the tragic closing of many of New York City's finest dance music establishments. The timing was no coincidence. From the beginning, the shop, sandwiched between the historic Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bed-Stuy and Ft. Greene, sought more than a simple profit. Opening at the peak of the so-called "digital revolution" never faired well for vinyl sales, and it would be a fallacy to describe the journey from the store's infancy to its present status as anything but trying. But Preserved Instincts' mission to maintain and disseminate underground culture in the midst of an uncertain era in dance music's history testifies to the institution's true calling: a haven for anything and anyone that doesn't fit into the rigid and commodified categories of the new New York, a stark contrast to the mythologized promised land of all things playfully subversive and utterly foward-looking.

From the popular monthly LIFE parties to the painstakingly compiled vinyl & CD's ranging from soulful house to universal techno, left-of-center electronic oddities to proven club classics, Preserved Instincts and its extended family of friends, foes and everything in-between seek to propagate the basic tenants of club culture and free artistic expression to anyone passing through its doors. As much a thriving social epicenter as a comprehensive archive of the funky and esoteric, Preserved Instincts faithfully serves those still in search of the lost dream of universal dance music.